27 September 2017

Qorikancha Museum
Qorikancha Museum

The Archaeological Complex of Qorikancha is the site that houses one of the most important architectural remains of the Inca legacy. This is located in the district of Cusco, in the province, department and region of the same name.

From this complex stands the Qorikancha Temple. The buildings of this place would have been works of the Inca Pachacútec, and like many other buildings constructed during its mandate, would have its cause in commemoration to a victory, in this case to the attack against the chankas by the year 1438.

Qorikancha, whose name can also be written: Koricancha, Coricancha, Qoricancha or Korikancha, means in Spanish “Golden Enclosure”, was located in the center of the city and in it could be observed the Main Temple or Temple of the Sun and a group of dependencies that, together, formed a special neighborhood.

The Temple of Coricancha was a sacred place, inhabited by the high priest or Willaq Uma and only authorized to enter: The Inca, the priests and virgins of the sun. Colla herself could only enter once, and it was during her wedding ceremony with the Inca.


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