17 November 2017

The Nuevo Mundo Beers
The Nuevo Mundo Beers

Two french men, Yann and Alain, are both driven by their passion for beer. It is this passion that has allowed their beers to conquer the palates of many Peruvians. Less than two years into the business, their brewery, “Nuevo Mundo,” was able to bring home a silver medal for Peru in the South Beer Cup which takes place in Mar de Plata, Argentina.

Next week, their dream will become a reality when they open up their very own bar in the heart of Miraflores.

Yann tells us that he suitingly calls this whole adventure “Nuevo Mundo” or New World.

1.- When did the Nuevo Mundo Project start

Project Nuevo Mundo started at the beginning of October 2013. My partner, Alain, came to me because he knew I had always wanted to start my own brewery. In the beginning, we thought that it would be very complicated to find an ideal place. However, we were able to find the perfect place relatively quickly in the district of Surquillo.

Surquillo is conveniently located near Miraflores and we knew we could not pass up an opportunity like this. We started up the brewery in the month of April and by June 9th we already had our first line of beers available for public purchase.

2.- You are partners in business, what do you bring to the table and what does Alain bring

Our union is like Yin and Yang. I handle the production side of things- verifying the beers are of high quality and standard. On the flipside, Alain manages the business related components- promotion and implementation of new products and ideas.

The good thing is that one always pulls the other, we do not compete. We both have our niche and we complement each other very well.

3.- How did you come up with the name “Nuevo Mundo”

A friend of mine had a book about the history of murals in Lima. I was looking at this book and read the name “Nuevo Mundo.” The fundamental part is that we are French and thus we bring with us the traditional methods of the old world to the new world. The main idea is to establish a link between both of these worlds

4. What does an artisan beer offer that commercial beer does not ?

Artisan beers offer diversity. There is diversity in the theme of flavors and experiences. There is a beer for every moment. We are not in competition with any industrial beer market.Industrial production is linked to the quantity and price.

However, our industry is little more Premium. The use 4 basic ingredients: malt, hops, water and yeast. We do not use any chemicals.

5.- Now that craft beers in Peru are gradually becoming more popular, how does Nuevo Mundo offer something unlike other beers ?

First, you have to understand that a healthy competition exists among brewers and all craft brewers are part of one association.

What separates our beers from the rest of the competition is our style; we offer a unique twist on every type of beer. The more breweries there are, the better it is for us. As interest in beers increases, so does our competition and that makes us grow and want to be better.

6.- I know that your beers represent different regions of Peru. Where did this idea come from ?

We wanted to offer a range of different types of beers. The question was, “How can we represent every type of beer?” The diversity that exists in Peru was the key to the representation of this array of beers.

Every region of Peru has its own culture, dance, music, food, etc. For this, we made our first line of beers to represent the coast, the mountains, and the jungle.


7.- One of your beers won a silver medal in the South Beer Cup in Argentina. How did you receive the victory ?

The truth is that you don’t expect to win a medal. We went for the experience and to better know the craft beer movement in South America and compare our level.

Our beer, Panam Pale Ale, was the one that won the medal in the category of Belgian Pale Ale. Peru took home for medals from the event, which is quite good considering how young the craft beer brewery business is in Peru.

8.- Do you have any other projects in mind ?

We now have a project that I am invested in 100%. We want to open a bar, “Nuevo Mundo Draft Bar.” The idea is to have a bar where people can find artisan beers on tap.

The bar has a mini brewery where people are able to view the process of handmade production. It can be found at 421 Larco Avenue.

9.- Would you like to say something to your fellow brewers or those that do not know as much about the wonderful world of brewing ?

I highly encourage people to try craft beers. It´s a world full of new flavors, experiences, discoveries and curiosities.

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