15 June 2018

Machu Picchu: Two economical ways to get to the wonder of the world
Machu Picchu: Two economical ways to get to the wonder of the world

Knowing Machu Picchu is one of the main objectives for all those travelers who arrive at the imperial City of Cusco. The most common way to get there is to hire a tour of Machu Picchu, however, many of the tourists and backpackers prefer to do it on their own to save money and take the time to take pictures and contemplate the beautiful landscape of this wonder of the world.

Below, we present the two ways in which you can get to Machu Picchu on a budget.

Arrive by train

If you do not have much time and especially physical we recommend taking this route that is the most common and part of the town of Ollantaytambo towards Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu Pueblo.

The trip takes approximately two and a half hours allowing you to appreciate beautiful landscapes if you travel during the day.

If you are Peruvian or have an immigration card with permanent residence in Peru, you have the option of taking the local train where the ticket is 20 soles, round trip.

If you are a foreigner, you have several train options, some luxury and others cheaper. We recommend taking the Inca Rail train, which costs approximately $ 115 (round trip).

Arrive by Hydroelectric

This route is perhaps preferred by people who want to save the cost of transport by train and feel nature more closely. This begins in the city of Cusco, and then reaches Santa María, then Santa Teresa, also passing through Hidroeléctrica and finally Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu Pueblo.

The journey from Hidroeléctrica to Aguas Calientes can be done by walking, so you can enjoy the scenery and save money. Approximately the walking time would be 6 hours.

Speaking in numbers taking this route you will be investing approximately $ 15.


and enjoy the tour