15 June 2018

5 tourist places in Arequipa that you can not miss
5 tourist places in Arequipa that you can not miss

Planning your next trip? Next, we recommend you to visit these tourist places in Arequipa. To travel!

Plaza de Armas

The best place to start your route through the city of Arequipa is without a doubt The Plaza de Armas, which will delight you with the best architectural style and history behind them. The Cathedral of Arequipa, the famous portals from which you can see a privileged view of the city, and the pool in the center of the square are the main attractions of this beautiful corner of the White City. In addition, it is only two blocks from Dragonfly Hostels Arequipa.

Saint Catalina’s Monastery

For you go to back many years and give you an idea of how was the distribution of the first neighborhoods of Arequipa, we recommend you to visit this place of almost twenty thousand square meters. A place with a lot of history and with a very nice architecture. It is open from Monday to Sunday, except on Holy Friday, Christmas, and New Year.

Misti Volcano

2.400 meters above sea level at the bottom of the Chili valley, is the Misti, considered one of the ten potently active volcanoes of the Andes. Visiting it is an unforgettable experience, consisting of a two-day walk, after acclimatization. it is advisable to visit it between the months of April and June, when the climate is dry and temperate.

The Colca Canyon

Also known as the Valley of Fire, is the ideal place to do adventure sports Accompanied by beautiful and colorful landscapes. It is located about 3,600 meters above sea level and very close to the Ampato and Sabancaya volcanoes. In addition, it is considered one of the deepest canyons in the world, surpassing 4,000 meters deep.

Stone Forest of Cocolaqa

Approximately 4 hours from Arequipa and at about 4,800 meters above sea level is this jewel of Arequipa. The shape of the stones that are altered by the changes in temperature that occur between day and night.


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