27 September 2017

Sacsayhuamán (3600 masl) is an archaeological center located to the north of the main square of Cuzco, 1 km. of the colonial chruch of San Cristóbal and 2 kms. of the Plaza de Armas. The aspect that presents today is very different from the one left by the conquerors, because this fortress was used as […]

Mabel’s story of how the Dragonfly Hostal’s emerged

8 September 2017

“She is Peruvian and he is French, they met nine years ago in Paris and now they live in Peru and they are about to open their third hostel. But like all new businesses the opening of Dragonfly Hostels experienced some difficulties…”           Mabel and Yann Sixteen years ago, Mabel decided to leave […]

History of Ceviche

6 August 2017

The country of Peru is rich in diversity- both in its’ regions and its’ people. Over the years, European immigrants, Asians, and Africans have all left their mark in the country.  A sample of this diversity can be seen in the nation’s cuisine, which through a myriad of ingredients and colors has captured the taste […]

The Surf in Peu

6 August 2017

The waters around Wahu, Hawaii, have traditionally been thought of as the birthplace of what is known today as ´surfing´.  Hawaiian royalty were apparently the first to take part in what they called ´the sport of kings´.  However, northern Peru offers some convincing evidence towards the argument that it is in fact the home of […]


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