8 septembre 2017

Mabel’s story of how the Dragonfly Hostal’s emerged
Mabel’s story of how the Dragonfly Hostal’s emerged

“She is Peruvian and he is French, they met nine years ago in Paris and now they live in Peru and they are about to open their third hostel. But like all new businesses the opening of Dragonfly Hostels experienced some difficulties…”

          Mabel and Yann

Sixteen years ago, Mabel decided to leave Peru for certain circumstances and travel to Paris. In the French capital she was working in many areas of hospitality and tourism with the idea of opening her own business. There she met Yann, her husband and over time they decided to leave Paris to look for new path to take. They thought to go to Italy, Spain or even to the United States, but the most economical at the time was Peru, so the odds leaned towards her home country.

The project started in Mirarflores in 2009 in a house with three floors which they converted into a guest house called ¨Casa 667,¨ it had only two rooms to accommodate their first clients. Mabel and Yann were living on the third floor while their first guests were occupying the rest of the house.

¨Since the beginning we throughly enjoyed our business, and always had fun times in and outside the hostal. We interacted with many people and felt as if we were family at times. From these interactions we recieved positive reviews everytime.¨


Like always at the beginning, it was difficult. We realized all the tasks in the Hostel like cleaning the rooms, reception and accounts. She would work in the mornings and he would work the nights. After only a half year of working 12 hour nights and 12 hour days, continuously, they decided to hire their first employee to be responsible for cleaning.¨Casa 667¨ remained small but overtime they decided to look for a more spacious place, so they could expand the business. After six months of looking they found Dragonfly Hostel. The location was in the heart of Miraflores, this was the first motive to take a chance and invest in the very first Dragonfly¨We got the money together, Yann had a little, I had a little, and my mother as well. We all took part in paying the first rent.¨  

¨After four months we managed to reach a balance in the finances, we were not losing, but also not gaining. And after six months we started to invest in installations for the comfort of the clients.¨ 





The kitchen before

  ¨The most important for us is that the guests feel at home, and they feel happy and secure. Our main characteristic is good atmosphere and that they are not just guests they are our friends, too.¨In their third year with the experience of Dragonfly in Miraflores, they opened in May 2013 the second Dragonfly in Cusco. After four years, Mabel and Yann have two hostels and are now with the idea of opening one more in Arequipa City. Without a doubt, the effort, persistence and the philosophy they provide, is always in the guest best interest.

Nowadays their aim continues and awaits that Dragonfly hostels can expand around the South of Peru, after the third hostel in Arequipa they intend to have one in Puno and in La Paz in Bolivia.



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