Restaurant bar

Happy Hour, Barbecue Night or Salsa night ? During your stay in our hostel, you’ll enjoy each day a special event organized by the staff. It’s up to you to show us if you will be able to prove your general culture during a Quizz Night or a Blind test, or if you prefer resting in front of a movie during the Movie night.

Perfect for sharing new experiences
Breakfast included
Free every morning !
Craft beer
We propose you a large choice of craft beer
Pisco lessons
Animation during the night in our bar

What’s better than have a conversation with a cocktail or a craft beer into our hostel with your new backpackers friends ? Just come have a good time in our new restaurant bar animated by the staff, who give you some tips and advice for you stay here in Cusco !


One of the particularity of our bar is that we have a strict selection of products. We chose to work with the craft brewery Nuevo Mundo, which produce high quality craft beers. If you have the chance to taste them, you will find one to follow any meal we cook in the hostel.