When you come to Dragonfly Hostel Cusco, it is not only a step on your journey, but also a real human experience that you can remember for all of your life.

The principal reason is that Dragonfly has the reputation to be a friendly and a melting-pot space, where you can share your stories and adventures with many people from other countries and different cultures. Also, you will be able to create a link between you and other backpapers, families, and even local Peruvian people.


To allow you to have a great experience, we have the advantage to be in Cusco Downtown! An incredible city with a wonderful environment and a large choice of activities.

And we are not talking about just Machu Picchu, but also the Rainbow Mountain, the Sacred Valley and of course all of the activities you can do in the city area, including hang out at bars, restaurants, museums, night clubs, and more. You can also have fun inside the hostel, you do not need to go out every night, so you can stay with you friends.

With our daily events at the hostel, there is no time for annoying, each minute of your staying here at Dragonfly Cusco, is precious.

Additional services

We offer special tours and guided visits

Una gran selecciòn de micro-cervecerias

Vendemos una gama ùnica de cervezas artesanales peruanas que pueden encontrar en pocos lugares. Tienen la oportunidad probarlos en cualquier momento.
Elaboramos también nuestra propria cerveza Dragon Brewery que està producido en Cusco y que vendemos en exclusividad en nuestros hostels.